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Building Department

The staff at England Enterprises Training Division, LLC  has assisted many jurisdictions in a variety of ways:
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Department Set-up:  We have started up and expanded many departments since 1992 and are not new to the challenge.  We can work with your staff to ensure all elements are in place and working efficiently, such as policies and procedures, ordinances, hiring staff, etc.

Department Review:  In the past we have been hired by various Jurisdictions to take a look at the Building Department and make recommendations on how it can be operated in a more efficient manner.  Depending on the size of the department and the outcome one (1) or more Building Officials will do a site visit and make written recommendations on how to achieve your goals.


ISO –Building effectiveness grading system --  over the past 18 years we have went worked with ISO officials and audits and have mastered the system to get the best possible grade out of the system.   Let us help get your department in order before the Audit.    Click here to learn more about ISO.

Accessibility Evaluations:   John has taught accessibility classes for over 20 years,  and is a Certified ICC Accessibility Inspector/ Plan Reviewer.   

Existing Building:  "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".  A lawsuit could cost you thousands of dollars, and then the cost to fix the problem.  All of this can be avoided with a 5 year plan (recognized by the department of Justice) to cure the problem areas.  Weather you are a jurisdiction or a private facility let John England visit your property and provide you with a 5 years plan that could very well avoid that costly lawsuit.

ICC (IAS) Building Department Evaluation
--  Many building departments are looking at getting certified trough ICC.  This can be a long and grueling process.  John England has gone through the process and can assist you in preparing for the audit of your department.  
Click here to learn more about ICC evaluation

FEMA “CRS” Program – Want to save money on flood insurance for your community?  John England is a Certified Flood Plane Managers and can assist you in getting through the national CRS program.    Click here to learn more about CRS